Coronation Street brings cryptocurrency to primetime TV audience

The world’s longest-running soap opera has been chatting about cryptocurrency…

by Manoj Sharma for CNR

As cryptocurrency weaves its way deeper into pop culture, this time it popped up in a peculiar place: Coronation Street. It’s popped up as a plotline in the long-running soap opera over the past weeks.

This is just the latest example of crypto references in the mainstream. Marvel mentions crypto in a new comic book, Eminem just gave it a nod on his latest album, and many other TV serials have created crypto plot lines, including HBO’s Silicon Valley and The Big Bang Theory.

With eight million viewers per episode though, Coronation Street is a notable platform to introduce the concept of virtual currencies to an older audience. Optimists believe that once a slighter older demographic understands the idea of digital money and its related benefits, they are going to adopt it, leading to a wave of public interest in cryptos.

The plot in Coronation Street saw semi-regular character Ryan Conner having gambled away all his savings in Ibiza. While on the verge of going completely broke, he remembers investing 50 pounds in Whipcoin a couple of years ago. After a quick research on the internet, he discovers that his investment has made a fortune for him. The Whipcoins are now worth 250 million pounds. But there’s one problem: he doesn’t remember the password.

He does, however, remember penning down the password in a book. After finding the password in a bizarre flash moment, he logs into his account only to discover that his internet findings on the coin were wildly outdated. The coin holds zero value in the current market. Ah, Whipcoin!

The episode puts a spotlight on cryptos and their wild price swings, especially Bitcoin. However, the show isn’t exactly over the top – digital currency investors have been getting whipped around since December 2017, hoping for another bull run….