Crypto-cautious Elizabeth Warren joins 2020 presidential race

The soon-to-be presidential candidate isn’t so fond of cryptocurrency…

Senator Elizabeth Warren, whose distrust of cryptocurrency has been well-documented, has now entered the 2020 presidential race, CCN reported on Monday.

Senator Warren had previously announced her plan to create an “exploratory committee for president,” which according to The Wall Street Journal makes her the first top-level candidate to formally run for 2020 nomination. The committee will help the Massachusetts-based Democratic candidate to raise money to take on the relevant staff before campaign preparations begin.

Back in October, we reported that Warren had commented negatively on crypto, expressing her belief that digital currencies are too easily stolen, and that initial coin offerings lead many small investors into scams. In February, Senator Warren outlined a lack of sufficient crypto regulation following the SEC’s decision to consider certain currencies to be securities, noting that companies had raised “over $4 billion” in unregistered ICOs.

“When companies don’t register their tokens as securities, they can hide information and the SEC does not have the information it needs, to monitor this market.” she said in a video posted earlier in February.

Senator Warren published another video on her website on Monday announcing her upcoming presidential campaign, in which she proposed to undercut the “generations of discrimination” in America’s current economy to rebuild America’s middle class “for everybody.”

Though crypto wouldn’t necessarily be banned altogether if Warren were to assume office, she acknowledges the challenge of “nurtur[ing] productive aspects of crypto with protecting consumers.” Might the U.S., then, expect some tighter crypto regulations from a Warren government?

Source: CCN

Image: Bigstock