Crypto enthusiasts flood London for first Crypto Investor Show

The first annual Crypto Investor Show, which took place on Saturday in Westminster, was overwhelmed with attendees wanting to learn more about blockchain, network and – of course – invest.

Despite the crowds, queues for entry and talks on the three stages never wavered, and social media buzz was overwhelmingly positive.

“Apparently crypto and blockchain are a little bit popular at the moment,” organiser and CEO Patrick Dooley told the main stage  audience to a chuckle at the start of the presentations.

More than sixty talks and events were scheduled, and covered topics ranging from the history of blockchain and its future, to its intersection with industries such as AI.

In the show guide, Dooley added: “The best thing about the crypto world is its community, and we’re excited to bring together seasoned crypto investors with more traditional investors who would like more information on why blockchain is disrupting so many industries, and help with navigating wallets, exchanges and the different types of coins and tokens.”

We will be bringing you all the news and discussions from the event over the next few days – stay tuned!