Crypto expert predicts Microsoft levels of success for Ripple

Can Ripple replicate the success of Microsoft?

Whilst many of the headlines surrounding cryptocurrency are inevitably dominated by the one that leads the price charts – Bitcoin – there’s a growing number of people who are leaning towards Ripple as their crypto of choice.

Ripple, or XRP, has had a high profile week too, courtesy of its conference, that attracted former US President Bill Clinton as its keynote speaker. The event, Swell by Ripple, has earned headlines around the world. And one cryptocurrency expert is seeing a very bright future ahead for Ripple.

Phillip Nunn is the CEO of the Wealth Chain Group and The Blackmore Group. He’s arguing that more and more businesses are taking note of Ripple, and he believes it’s in a very strong position – stronger than it appears just looking at the market price.

He admitted to not being the biggest fan of Ripple in a new Tweet, but he sees the parallel between it and where Microsoft once found itself.

Here’s the Tweet in queston…

He’d previously acknowledged the Clinton effect, and the fact that world leaders were taking notice of the cryptocurrency and blockchain movement. That said, some are still an awful lot more friendly towards it than others.

However, the Microsoft parallel, when it found itself lagging behind at the advent of the internet before sorting itself out in dramatic style, is an intriguing one. We wait and see if Nunn is proven correct…

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