Crypto-payment processor Seeds could make it easier for assault victims to ask for support

Anonymous payment processors could revolutionise crowdfunding for assault and trauma survivors

While cryptocurrency has had its fair share of hacking, privacy breaches and ICO scams, there are several situations in which an encrypted, private method of exchange could actually help change lives for the better.

In light of that statement, crypto-powered payment processor Seeds has just helped a sexual assault survivor maintain financial stability through a crowdfunding campaign.

The individual used the encrypted processor to crowdfund $500 in September, to support herself after being unable to work for several months due to trauma.

The platform has a unique advantage over conventional sites like Kickstarter or GoFundMe, both of which require users to provide government-issued ID and bank details. All income is handled through ethereum-based Seeds token, which allowed her to raise $500 without revealing her identity to anyone, except the platform’s CEO, Rachel Cook – who is also a sexual assault survivor.

Having met by coincidence, she and Cook began discussing the #MeToo movement, and how people are often afraid to speak up about sexual assault for fear of scrutiny in the workplace.

“I met this woman in person, by coincidence, and we started talking about #MeToo movement,” Cook told Coindesk. “Survivors have trouble giving themselves permission to ask for money,” Cook said. “The next logical extension I saw in that [#metoo] was we need to talk about how this economic [crypto] system can meet this need.”

Heading forward, Cook plans to make anonymous requests simpler to use, to help those less familiar with crypto to ask for support “without feeling uncomfortable.”