Cryptocurrency firm listing Ryan Gosling as its graphic designer turns out to be too good to be true

A fake ICO for new cryptocurrency MIROSKII gave itself away with a picture of actor Ryan Gosling listed as the company’s graphic designer.

While having a Hollywood star as part of your team may be a big boost for your brand, it’s a red flag for anyone looking to invest a new cryptocurrency. The picture is captioned Kevin Belanger, an “experienced graphic designer with a clear focus on identities and illustration.”

Before you ask, no Gosling hasn’t taken up a side hustle, and all of the images on the site are actually fake. Inquisitive social media users quickly determined that MIROSKII was just an elaborate scam.

The ICO has somehow managed to raise $833,000, according to CNET, but that figure could also be a ruse to lure additional investors.

Photo by Kevin Winter – © 2017 Getty Images