Cryptocurrency interest in Europe set to soar, claims Dutch bank

After what’s been a tumultuous month or two in the cryptocurrency sector, the ING Bank in the Netherlands has published a new report that suggests a surge in interest lies ahead. It just can’t pinpoint when.

It’s conducted new research that’s found that whilst 9% of European investors currently hold some cryptocurrency, there’s a growing interest from others in doing so as well. It reports that 16% of those questioned are now interested in investing in crypto, on top of those who already have.

Furthermore, 35% of respondents believed that cryptocurrency is the future of online spending. Around the same number agree it’s set to be the future for investing as well.

It’s not all good news. 34% of people hadn’t even heard of cryptocurrency, which is far from ideal. Around half of respondents also don’t want to change the way they pay for things, seemingly happy with the current status quo.

As Jessica Exton of ING commented, “cryptocurrency remains an abstract investment for many, but there may be more appetite for digital currencies than some might suggest. Based on our survey, ownership of cryptocurrencies could more than double in the future – although we do not know when”.

She added that the volatility of cryptocurrency currently is bringing with it significant pros and cons. But interestingly, more than half the people who responded would regard investing in the stock markets as at least as risky as dabbling in cryptocurrency.

Image: BigStock