Uphold’s new app lets users make transactions while traveling

Users will soon be able to earn 2-5% returns on their digital holdings, according to the announcement.

Uphold has launched a new app that provides users with an accessible platform to manage their portfolio and make easy transactions while traveling.

The app launched officially on Thursday, and is available to download on iOS and Android devices. Currently, it lets users check their total balance instantly and over different periods, monitor the value, market rate and performance of their holdings, as well as access the “real-time and historic pricing data” for all their assets.

The app also aims to increase transparency when making purchases, giving users the ability to see their limits (and fees) before starting a transaction. The app implements “two-factor authentication and location-based security” for account login, alongside the passcode options offered by particular apps, like facial recognition and fingerprint ID.

According to the announcement, the Uphold app will soon enable users to earn a 2-5% return on their digital holdings, and access “cheap, crypto-secured loans.”

Uphold is currently active in more than 184 countries worldwide, and supports transactions between over 30 different currencies, including BTC, XRP and ETH.

Since launching in 2015, the company has enabled over $3 billion in transactions, according to its website. With the new app, Uphold aims to make transactions easier than ever before, allowing customers to deposit and withdraw their funds, and transfer funds to anyone with an email address directly from their smartphone.

Early reviews seem generally favourable, with Lawrence M of Chicago describing the app in the company’s announcement to offer a “visually appealing interface, more functionality and a far better overall experience.”

Elsewhere Softonic praised its “range of features, ease of use, and pleasing interface,” but said that it lacks in-app reserves information, and could’ve benefitted from going down a similar route to Revolut in coming with a physical debit card.

Image: Bigstock