Does cryptocurrency culture have a problem with women?

Pamela Paige’s experience at the WorldCryptoCon over the weekend makes for depressingly familiar reading…

Blockchain enthusiast and real estate developer Pamela Paige is one of the people behind VELA Solutions, a proptech blockchain project that allows cryptocurrency users to purchase property from people selling real estate with cash, and thus bring old and new approaches together.

Paige spent the weekend at WorldCryptoCon, which took place over the weekend in Las Vegas. She was there as part of another project she’s involved in, Dadi. But unfortunately, her experience over the weekend was not entirely positive.

In a series of Tweets, Paige has taken aim at the “disgusting behaviour” of some of the event’s attendees. Here’s one of the Tweets she posted on the matter.

In a subsequent Tweet, she added that “I couldn’t even speak to people from some of the booths without being sexualized or having the men make comments about f**king me or the model sitting on the lambo half naked. They made some of the YouTubers look classy”.

Paige’s complaints are, sadly, nothing new. Anecdotally, CryptoNewsReview has learned of a growing number of women who are being groped, sexualised and/or being spoken to inappropriately at crypto events. We’re working on a series of pieces about cryptocurrency culture and its treatment of women, due over the weeks ahead.

In the case of Paige, she adds that the culture is “a disgrace to the wonderful men too”, and she reposted a code of conduct from Andreas M Antonopoulois that applies to all events he oversees. That code is here.

There’s no word as of yet from WorldCryptoCon organisers, an event she was attending as an Ultra VIP.

Image: Twitter/ThePinkCrypto