Ethereum Classic bucks the market and soars 15% off the back of new announcement

Ethereum Classic will be listed on Coinbase Consumer from later today – and its price has reacted positively…

After a more positive day of cryptocurrency price movement, Ethereum Classic was the beneficiary of some good news, as cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase confirmed that it’d be listing the coin on its consumer trading application from today.

Ethereum Classic is being added to Coinbase Consumer at 5pm PT, as was confirmed in an announcement tweet from the exchange…

The majority of cryptocurrencies had regathered lost ground yesterday, but overnight they steadied a little. The clear exception was Ethereum Classic, that off the back of the Coinbase announcement saw its price shoot up. Whilst the likes of Bitcoin and Litecoin were trading just under a percentage point down this morning, ETC had rocketed by just over 15%. At the time of writing, its price stands at $13.70.

It’s not too tricky to see the reason for the spike, with a large number of retail investors set to get closer to Ethereum Classic, and it thus benefiting from a wider potential market. Furthermore, its profile – and it’s already one of the most popular coins – is set to grow as well.

The news of the Coinbase Consumer addition time follows the initial announcement by Coinbase to list ETC that arrived back in June, surprising some when it was made. You can find Coinbase here.

Image: BigStock