Ethereum’s Constantinople is going live in just over 24 hours – how to watch it happen

Ethereum’s countdown has just over a day to run before the set of upgrades planned with Constantinople will activate.

countdown timer from Afri Schoedon, release manager for the Parity Ethereum client, states Constantinople is due to activate on Thursday at around 06:15 UTC:

However, this is currently later that other countdowns.

CoinGecko, is currently estimating 4:50 UTC on Thursday and Amber Data, which is similarly predicting 4:47 UTC. These times will become more accurate as we approach the time of the network upgrade.

The updates are non-contentious as all network participants have reportedly agreed to activate the upgrade so it won’t result in a hard fork. However some of the changes, such as the “thirdening” which will result in reduced mining rewards, are contentious within the community.

The five EIPs in the upgrade are:

  • EIP 145 – more cost-effective and overall efficient approach to processing information (by adding bitwise shifting operators to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM);
  • EIP 1014: better approach to accommodating network scaling solutions such as off-chain transactions;
  • EIP 1052 – an improvement on how contracts are processed;
  • EIP1234 – 12-month delay of difficulty bomb; reduce mining rewards from 3 ETH to 2 ETH per block;
  • EIP 1283 – a better way to mone