Fake Trezor wallets have been found for sale on the Internet

Maybe skip eBay for the moment…

Crypto company Trezor have warned customers to steer clear of unauthorized sellers of its Trezor One device, as fakes have been spotted on online.

Trezor is a small hardware wallet designed to store crypto private keys away from the internet.

The company published a blog post on Monday, warning customers to “be careful” when purchasing the device online, and to only buy from the Trezor shop or from “authorized resellers.”

The devices aren’t simply ‘clones’ (which are marketed under a different name by legitimate companies), but are an actually ‘one-to-one’ copy of […] wallet, Trezor One, the company said.

Though often sold at an attractive discount, the company advised against buying fake Trezors, as their unknown manufacturer could pose a severe threat to users’ security.

“You would not entrust your money to somebody who has already cheated you by selling you a different product than you thought you were buying.” Trezor said on its blog. “We, therefore, recommend not to use this device and report it to us, which would help us fight these scams and provide you with a legitimate device.”

How can you ensure you get the real deal? Apart from purchasing directly from the company website or through official resellers, Trezor outlined a few details to look out for to tell the difference between real and copied Trezor Ones.

These include minor cosmetic differences in exterior packaging, and a holographic seal similar to those used on older Trezor boxes.

The company also stated that it is”fervently pursu[ing] a number of legal and other steps” to prevent counterfeit devices being sold. Until then, users are being advised not to use their Trezor devices if they suspect they’ve got a fake.