Firefox to offer cryptomining blocking in May release

Mozilla, the non-profit open-source software foundation, is adding new cryptomining and fingerprinting protection options to its custom content blocking preferences in Firefox 67, which is due to be released May 14th 2019.

According to the bug details on Mozilla’s Bugzilla, this new feature will give Firefox users the ability to block “scripts on websites that can use a computer’s resources to mine cryptocurrency without a user’s knowledge”. The options will be added to the Content Blocking settings, which currently include Trackers and Cookies. With Firefox 67, fingerprinting – the ability to track browsers by its configuration settings – will also be blocked.

The software will protect users from potential crypto-jacking attacks which can use CPU resources to mine cryptocurrencies without consent.

Mozilla shared a mock-up of how the new content blocking features will look:

Cryptojacking is a major issue. In November, a University was forced to shut down its entire network following cryptojacking attack, and just two weeks ago, a report found crypto-jacking to be a top-10 trending crypto threat.