Google mocks crypto in new Ad

A new ad for Google’s Assistant feature takes a couple of potshots at the world of cryptocurrency.

In a new ad to promote the call answering abilities of its Assistant feature, Google has decided to poke a bit of fun at the world of cryptocurrencies. The clip, which can be seen via the Made By Google YouTube channel, featuring DulcĂ© Sloan and Ronnie Chieng – both comedians who feature on Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show – ends with the pair riffing on the latter’s interest in crypto.

“I need money,” says Chieng, before receiving a call from his electricity company informing him that his usage is high this month.

“Right, well cryptocurrency mining takes a lot of energy,” he tells Sloan, whose response is a typically indignant:

“Cryptocurrency? That money’s not real…”

“Well, I’ve got news for you: money’s not real,” Chieng fires back, before Sloan closes out the exchange asking him if he’s really “gonna live that lie.”

The irreverent side-swipe at digital assets comes despite persistent rumours that Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is looking to move into the space in some capacity. and that it may have even attempted to recruit Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum to help it. Of course, recently, it banned cryptocurrency adverts from its services, only to reinstate them recently, and has been fighting a war against crypto miners in its App Store – not always successfully.

This little vignette, though, is more likely the work of two very funny comedians riffing on the tech they’re being asked to promote.