Google is using cryptocurrency to recruit students in Italy

Google has been tempting Italian students to its university recruitment events using cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The tech giant is hosting a lecture on cryptocurrency innovations at the Polytechnic University of Milan on March 8, and it appears to be part of a drive to get students involved in its two-day recruitment event.

“Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin… many cryptocurrencies have been in the news lately and most people know they can be purchased as an asset or exchanged as currency,” the lecture description reads. “Less well know is how they really work.

“In this talk, I’ll review the basic differences between the most popular ones and highlight some interesting innovations in the space, including scripting, privacy and reducing electricity requirements to protect the environment. The talk will be followed by a description of Google jobs and internships and an overview of our interview and hiring process.”

This makes a lot of sense for Google, as its in the company’s interest to get students interested in emerging technologies early, to prevent a skills gap developing later.