Hacked exchange owners were tracked down online after removing social media accounts

MapleChange’s social media accounts came back online shortly after some online detective work…

A story that’s been developing since late Sunday night is that of MapleChange, the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange that boasted of being a “high-quality, responsive and swift trading platform”.

The problem was that the exchange was apparently hacked on Sunday, with claims that nearly $6m of cryptocurrency was taken. Then, MapleChange took its social media accounts offline, raising instant suspicions that it had performed what’s known as an exit scam. That’s where a company shuts up shop and takes everything with them. It’s important to state that this hasn’t been put to MapleChange, and it’s restored its social media presence.

Furthermore, as we reported yesterday, on its Twitter account, it was claiming that media reports it had done a runner were unfair, and that it was in the process of refunding what coins it could.

However, eyebrows have been raised with the reveal that before the social media accounts were restored, the company had been tracked down.

Using techniques that you could comfortably say veer into grey areas, a Twitter account by the name of MapleChange’d has been tracking down details of the people behind MapleChange. There were rumours ahead of the social accounts returning that this was the case already, but now it’s become a lot clearer.

Whether that’s related is unclear, but certainly MapleChange still has questions left to answer, and there’s a bunch of irate people online with the time to try and get them. This story might just have a fair amount left in it yet…