Hackers now reportedly targeting individual cryptocurrency backers over exchanges

North Korean hackers are changing their tactics when it comes to cryptocurrencies…

The latest warnings heading in the direction of cryptocurrency investors suggests that hackers are getting even more sophisticated in their targeting.

Cybersecurity firm Cuvepia has revealed that it’s uncovered individual attacks now taking place in cryptocurrency investors. That rather than aiming at exchanges and crypto companies, hackers are now aiming their skills at individuals. 30 new attacks were reported by Cuvepia CEO Kwon Seok-Chul, with the hackers in question being based in North Korea. Those cases have all come to light since April of this year.

He adds that this may yet be the tip of the proverbial iceberg, and that there may be more attacks waiting to be uncovered. Whether there are or aren’t, it’s nonetheless a notable change in tactics to target cryptocurrency investors – primarily holders of Bitcoin – on a one by one basis.

There are advantages for the hackers too, with exchanges becoming harder and harder to crack. In the works of Seok-chul, “when cryptocurrencies are hacked, there is nowhere one can make complaints, so hackers are increasingly hacking into cryptocurrencies”. Words that are hardly likely to leave investors brimming with confidence.

The preferred method of hackers, to be vigilant against, is an email that has a text file attached. Opening that text file activates the malware, and gives hackers the control they need over the computer in question. The simple way to protect yourself is not to open attachments you’re not fully sure of, and to keep anti-malware software up to date.

That said, the problem of crypto hacker is getting bigger, and tactics are likely to continue to evolve. And fast…

Image: BigStock