Has $100 million of QuadrigaCX’s funds just been discovered?

According to new reports, a “significant amount of Ethereum (600,000+ ETH)” was transferred to Kraken, Bitfinex, Poloniex and it could be that these exchanges hold a large proportion of QuadrigaCX’s funds. 

The research carried out by Zerononcense, and corroborated by Kraken CEO Jesse Powell, and MyCrypto CEO Taylor Monahan, claims there is a “very strong possibility” that the CEO of QuadrigaCX, who died last December, stored large amounts of ETH on the cryptocurrency exchanges Kraken, Bitfinex and Poloniex.

The discovery, if true, may mean that the lost crypto doesn’t all reside on inaccessible cold wallets:

“Based on the transaction analysis included in the report, it appears that a significant amount of Ethereum (600,000+ ETH) was transferred to these exchanges as a means of ‘storage’ during the years that QuadrigaCX was in operation and offering Ethereum on their exchange.

“Given the testimony in Jennifer Robertson’s affidavit stating that neither she nor the other involved individuals at QuadrigaCX were knowledgeable about where Gerry Cotten was moving and storing crypto, it is very possible that QuadrigaCX, the creditors, and other entities are unaware of this discovery.”

The report says “Altogether, a cumulative 649,708 Ethereum was sent to Kraken, Bitfinex, and Poloniex directly by QuadrigaCX, which was worth a total of $100,490,150 at the time of transfer.

In a seemingly unrelated development, Kraken is now offering $100,000 reward for the discovery of Quadriga coins.