Hitachi testing blockchain fingerprint-validation system

Hitachi and KDDI are teaming up for a new blockchain-based system that will validate retail payments based on shoppers fingerprints.

The tech conglomerate and telecommunications giant are testing the new system, which has been built on the Hyperledger Fabric platform and integrated with Hitachi’s biometric verfication system and KDDI’s coupon system.

Should the project be a success, customers will be able to validate transactions over a distributed network using just their fingerprints. Users would simply need to register coupon credits and biometric information, which would then be encrypted and stored on the blockchain.

A Hitachi spokesperson said: “As a result, users can authenticate themselves by holding the finger on the authentication infrastructure, so it is not necessary to present a coupon at the store, and the coupon can be used even without a smartphone.”

The company also recently announced plans for blockchain-based supply chain management, teaming up with the Mizuho Financial Group.