HTC teases new blockchain-powered mobile, the Exodus

Short teaser for new crypto-centric model offers brief glimpse and a launch date. 

Having announced its intention to launch a blockchain powered smartphone – called the Exodus – earlier in the year, HTC gave eagle-eyed watchers of its Instagram account a brief glimpse of what it will look like yesterday. The video, which gave a brief look at what appeared to be a curved glass screen and a proposed launch date, was later removed by the company.

That launch date was noted by Android Headlines, though, which reported it as being October 22nd.

However, as we were writing this article, the official HTC Exodus Instagram account re-released what appears to be the same trailer seen previously, but with an amended launch date of October 23rd.

Unless it disappears again, you can see it below.


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Coming. Soon. 10.23

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Android Headlines also reports that HTC has already teased the distribution of the Exodus – which has been designed by the same man was behind the Vive VR headset, Phil Chen (with advice from Litecoin founder Charlie Lee) – will not actually ship to customers until December. When it does, however, it will offer a “universal” crypto wallet that supports various tokens and dApp ecosystems; support for Bitcoin-based Lightning Network, designed to make transferring BTC between trusted parties quicker and cheaper by using off-chain transactions; ARM processor-provided secure enclave technology, known as TrustZone; and distributed data storage for securing vital personal information.

The new tease for the Exodus – and that launch date – pre-empts Sirin Labs’ official launch for its long-trailed blockchain-centric mobile, the Finney. That will happen at an event in Barcelona on November 28th, which will rope in Lionel Messi as an endorsee for the company. We currently know a little more about that phone than we do about the HTC Exodus – including a full spec, and rough pricing of around $1,000 when it finally does begin to ship. Much of the chatter around the Exodus says that its price point will be similar.

Both launches come, however, at a time when cryptocurrency interest has wained somewhat, and prices have suffered drastic losses through the course of 2018. Much has changed in the long lead-time both products’ development schedule bought with it, and there has certainly not been the pick up in users of distributed applications that many would have been predicting when these models were first pitched.