Huawei adds Blockchain Service platform to its cloud computing services

Huawei touts service as allowing developers and enterprises to roll-out their own blockchain-controlled applications in “minutes”.

We’ve reported on several instances of telecoms provider and smartphone maker Huawei showing considerable interest in blockchain technology recently – whether it be discussing adopting blockchain friendly elements for its phones, or patenting interest uses of distributed ledger tech for use in rights management. Tuesday, however, saw it announce a its new Blockchain Service platform, which will allow companies to create and manage their own smart contracts based on the existing Hyperledger system, that will operate as an element of the company’s cloud computing facilities.

Huawei’s website describes (via Google Translate) the service as “a high-performance, high-availability, and high-security blockchain technology platform service for enterprises and developers”, that “can help companies and developers create, deploy and deploy quickly and cost-effectively on Huawei Cloud” and “Manage blockchain applications”.  It touts the Blockchain Service platform as making it possible to roll-out such services in “a few minutes”.

It cites four examples of possible applications for the service:

Supply chain finance – decentralised, shared account books that “make business information transparent and fair” as well as using the immutable nature of the blockchain to “reduce the cost of risk control”.

Supply chain traceability – “Ensure that the data is real-time, orderly, and authentic and cannot be forged. All parties can trace the source through the unique product code to ensure the authenticity of the goods and distribution process.”

 Digital Assets – smart contracts to oversee transfers of information and digital assets between companies and groups. “Trust, sharing, security and privacy make digital assets more credible and circulate, greatly improving asset utilisation and circulation efficiency.”

Crowdfunding notarisation – “solve problems of inter-agency mutual trust in areas such as mutual insurance, critically-funded crowdfunding, and charitable donations, which focus on credibility, to achieve traceability of capital flows.”