Indian government websites fall prey to cryptocurrency hackers

As Indian authorities consider the legality of cryptocurrency in the country, hackers have been taking advantage of government computers…

Even whilst the Indian central bank tries to cement its position on cryptocurrencies, and whether or not they’re effectively banned in the country, some hackers have been simply helping themselves. What’s more, they’ve used the Indian government’s own website as they attempt to get themselves some coins.

It’s been discovered that unknown hackers used malware to harness the power of official Indian government websites, and have been using their processing cycles to secretly mine cryptocurrencies. This is a hack known as crypto-jacking, whereby the user of an infected computer generally has no idea that their machine has been infected, and where the malicious code doesn’t tend to do damage to any files. Instead, because it’s using the processing power of the affected computer, it slows it down instead.

It turns out too that the media appeared to alert the Indian authorities to the problem in the first place. As per a report in India Times, it spoke to the IT advisor to Andhra Pradesh, whose government administration had been targeted. The comment they got in return? “Thanks for notifying us about the AP website hacking”, and by the sounds of it, not a comma more.

Security researchers discovered the vulnerabilities, but it was unclear just how many coins had been mined by the time they were discovered. Tellingly, the headline at the source article describes it as “a fortune”. Feasible, given the high traffic websites that had been targeted.

All whilst the Indian central bank continues to deliberate…

Image: BigStock