Is your router infected with cryptocurrency malware?

Hundreds of thousands of routers are quietly mining cryptocurrencies, new research has revealed…

The rise of cryptojacking continues, whereby hackers are secretly placing a small program on infected computers that quietly mines cryptocurrency for them. The code tends to do no damage to the computer itself, but it does cause it to work harder. It’s thus not without some impact.

It’s often very hard to detect too when there’s such malware running on a machine, and now we learn that the problem is growing with hardware routers as well. Research that’s been undertaken by VriesHD has uncovered over 400,000 cases across the world of routers being secretly hijacked to mine cryptocurrency.

This is not an attack that’s reached its conclusion either. In particular, routers released under the MicroTik brand name are being targeted. The bulk of the attacks are taking place in Brazil, but infections have been recorded right across the globe, the UK included.

Fortunately, the fix for the infection tends to be a very quick one. That hardware manufacturers have been quick to issue firmware patches that have closed the security loopholes in their devices, eradicating the problem as a consequence. The required firmware patches were first released months ago, but more and more new routers are being activated each and every week.

Crypto jacking has made headlines across much of this year, as the epidemic rises. As always, it’s worth keeping security software up to date, and if your machine seems to be working harder than it should, particularly when it’s supposed to be idle, it might just be worth running an extra scan.

Image: BigStock