John McAfee has picked sides for his upcoming US President run, responds to Libertarian criticism

John McAfee will be running for President of the United States in 2020 – and it looks like it won’t be as a Libertarian candidate.

Controversial cryptocurrency advocate revealed many months ago that he was putting his name forward for the 2020 US Presidential race. He’ll be going up against incumbent President Donald Trump, albeit with a slight twist to his campaign: McAfee has no intention of winning, nor does he want to.

What he wants is the profile and the stage that a US Presidential run will bring him, and he’s looking to use the oxygen of that to draw attention to matters of cryptocurrency, and get them on the national stage.

McAfee has run for the Presidency before, having tried and failed to secure the Libertarian nomination back in 2016. When he confirmed that he was running in 2020, it looked for a while as though he would attempt to do so again. But he also threw in the idea that he might start a party of his own instead, to back his run. And it looks like that’s the direction that he’s now settled on. It seems that the Cyber Party is his new home – and in fact, since we first posted this story, he’s pushed back against an unnamed critic from the Libertarian Party too…

The news that the Cyber Party was his likely home came when he reposted a Tweet that describes him as a Cyber Party candidate for 2020. It’s a pretty on point Tweet too, as you can see below…

The Cyber Party was the name of the party that McAfee had been toying with starting to back his run. It might just be that he’s now made up his mind to head in that direction.

More, as always, as we hear it.