It’s the birthday of the HODL

The first suggested HODL took place five years ago. By accident…

There’s been no shortage of people saying that investors should HODL whilst the cryptocurrency market finds itself under heavy pressure. That instead of abandoning their positions, investors are advised to HODL: to hold their cryptocurrency, rather than sell it.

And, oddly enough, the humble HODL is celebrating its birthday. It turns out that it’s five years since the term was first used.

It debuted on the BitcoinTalk Forums back in December 2013, with a user on said forums by the name of GameKyuubi posted that they were HODLing Bitcoin, rather than selling it. This was back when the price of Bitcoin was just north of $1000, if you want to get misty eyed.

HODL has been widely assumed – and GameKyuubi has all bit admitted this – to be a typo. That what he actually meant to type was ‘hold’, but he’d had a beverage of two when he was typing and his fingers thus had other ideas.

HODL has now become slang in the crypto world for holding onto assets and taking a longer term position. As such, it’s proven to be a useful word this year in particular, following the extremely volatile price pressures that have surrounded the crypto world.

The first HODL was back on December 18th 2013, then, and five years on, there’s little sign of the word disappearing anytime soon. Unless someone can come up with an even more appropriate typo to add to the cryptocurrency lexicon, of course, that covers the frantic state of the market over the last year…

Image: BigStock