John McAfee confirms he lobbied to have Johnny Depp fired from playing him in Hollywood movie

Johnny Depp was “fired” from the movie of John McAfee’s life, according to McAfee himself…

At the start of the week came the new, official casting for a movie based around the life of controversial cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee. King Of The Jungle will follow the tale of a Wired magazine reporter seemingly assigned a routine story. Only when said reporter encounters McAfee, he realises quickly that it’s not a routine story at all.

Michael Keaton was confirmed earlier this week then to be playing McAfee in the movie, a choice that he seems to approve of.

Seth Rogen, meanwhile, will play the Wired reporter.

As for Depp’s departure, McAfee has been explaining a little more about this via his ever-active Twitter feed. Revealing that Morgan Freeman was on the list of people he’d like to see play him, McAfee also confirmed that Johnny Depp was on board the film project for the best part of a year, before being “fired”.

In McAfee’s own lyrical words, “the pussy couldn’t handle my drugs. Keaton will have no problem”.

That said, it’s unlikely that McAfee will be particularly hands on with the movie once it starts shooting. His main contribution to it, outside of obviously providing the life that it’s based on, may well be his lobbying to get Depp off the project.

Depp, for his part, hasn’t commented on his departure from the film, and nor is he likely to. On the flipside, expect, as filming begins, McAfee to comment rather a lot…