John McAfee encourages followers to send dirt on him to new anti-John McAfee documentary

Exposing McAfee is a documentary teased to land in 2020 – and John McAfee has now commented on it…

John McAfee is a passionate, loud and divisive voice for cryptocurrency, whose controversial and chequered past was explored in the movie Gringo: The Dangerous Life Of John McAfee. But now, a new documentary film is being teased for release in the future, that’s going by the name of Exposing McAfee.

Billed as ‘the crypto documentary’, few details are available regarding the film thus far, although the Twitter feed for the project – that you can find here – gives a good idea of which way it’s heading. It’d be fair the people making it are not fans of McAfee, and some of the people that he works with.

It sounds as though McAfee’s passionate support for the Docademic healthcare project is one of the subjects that’ll feature, too.

As for McAfee himself? He’s not only aware of the project, but on his own Twitter feed, he’s actively encouraged people to send any dirt they have on him to the filmmakers. Here’s his Tweet:

That Tweet, in turn, has been repromoted by the Exposing McAfee account. The people behind the film admit they’ve had both support and criticism for the project thus far. As per its Twitter feed, Exposing McAfee is scheduled for release in 2020.