John McAfee explains why he’s no longer recommending ICOs

Following threats from the SEC in the US, John McAfee has no plans to recommend ICOs anymore…

Back in April, crypto enthusiast John McAfee announced that he was no longer going to be charging to promote cryptocurrencies and ICOs via his (very active) Twitter account. He had been charging $105,000 per Tweet, a price he argued was a strong investment when considering the number of investors reached.

Announcing that he wasn’t going to be taking money for Tweeting about individual ICOs, McAfee had left the impression that he would still be giving oxygen to those he though were worth backing.

But not so.

In response to a question on his Twitter feed as to the next best ICO to invest in, McAfee has distanced himself from such recommendations.

The American Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) has been making louder noises regarding ICOs, and the growing feeling is that it’ll act soon. McAfee is likely to have a few more things to say about that, and his eventual article is set to make interesting reading…