John McAfee no longer doing paid Twitter promotions for crypto and ICOs, running for US President

John McAfee backs away from paid Twitter promotions – and announces he’s running for US President again in 2020…

John McAfee has been a loud and active supporter of cryptocurrencies and ICOs these past months, and recently has come out strongly against regulation of the market, too.

That said, he’s been charging for his services, as seen at the McAfee Crypto Team website, that you can find here. On that site, it (transparently) boasts that “within the cryptocurrency industry, nothing can match the power of a McAfee tweet. Frequently, a single tweet has resulted in more than a million dollars of investment into an ICO, and multiple currencies have increased more than 100% in price from a single tweet”.

The site also reveals that a Tweet from McAfee has been offered at a cost of $105,000 apiece, with the caveat that McAfee and his team turn down over 90% of those wanting to purchase such a promotion. Instead, “only products and services that McAfee truly believes in will be promoted”.

However, it now appears to be all change.

In his latest Twitter posting, McAfee has revealed that the days of charging for such promotions is over. It’ll be news to those who didn’t know he charged in the first place, of course, but nonetheless, the announcement reads thus:

Scrolling through the replies to his Tweet, and the reaction to his announcements is positive. McAfee will retain his interest in the sector, that much is clear too.

He’s also confirmed he plans to run for the US Presidency again in 2020, incidentally. He will be creating his own political party in order to do so, one that will “best serve the crypto community”. More news on that as we hear it…