John McAfee movie is happening, Seth Rogen & Michael Keaton will star – and why Johnny Depp won’t

John McAfee refused to work with Johnny Depp, causing a change in casting for the Hollywood telling of his story…

The story of controversial cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee has already to a point been told in the documentary feature Gringo: The Dangerous Life Of John McAfee, that sits on Netflix is you fancy a watch. But a Hollywood take on his story had previously been in the offing too, with Johnny Depp at one stage mooted to star.

However, it’s all change. And McAfee is indeed going to Hollywood, but not with Depp.

McAfee’s story will be told in King Of The Jungle, which is going to play out as a comedy from the sounds of things. The basis for the film is a Wired article, John McAfee’s Last Stand, which covered him selling his antivirus software company, and moving to the Belize jungle. From there, guns, sex, drugs and ‘offbeat endeavours’ ensued, that consequently interested law enforcement officials.

The film version is being written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, who previously worked on the acclaimed telling of Hustler creator Larry Flynt’s story in the Oscar-nominated The People Vs Larry Flynt. That, and the excellent American Crime Story series, that told the story of the OJ Simpson case.

King Of The Jungle is going to be directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, and the casting has raised eyebrows. Michael Keaton – a one-time Batman – is going to be playing John McAfee. Seth Rogen will play the Wired reporter, Ari Furman, who finds himself getting dragged deeper and deeper into McAfee’s world.

As for Johnny Depp? McAfee refused to work with him, ultimately leading to his departure from the project.

Film rights are being sold this month, and the film is likely to be in production by the start of next year. No word yet on a release date. But you can bet McAfee, for one, will be talking about it…

Image: BigStock