John McAfee reiterates his US Presidential policies

John McAfee still has no intentions of becoming US President. As such, he’s still running for US President. And he’s been talking policy…

Controversial cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee has long since declared that he’s going to be running for the office of US President in 2020. He’s also long since declared that he has no interest in actually winning. He stood previously for the Libertarian Party nomination in 2016, although ultimately failed to secure it. This time, all signs are that he’ll be standing as candidate for his own political party this time around.

In a new interview with Breaker that we talked about yesterday, McAfee opened up as to what his policies would be. But since then, he’s doubled down on them in a new Tweet, that puts things rather succinctly…

This follows the Breaker piece, that he opened by admitting he was “more stoned right now than I’ve been in, I don’t know, a month”, and added that “my platform would be legalization of almost everything, except the obvious: murder, rape”.

Interestingly, when the interviewer quizzed as to what the highlight of his run so far has been, he revealed that the Libertarian Party was very keen to be in touch. “The highlight was within 15 minutes [of announcing he’d stand], the Libertarian Party contacted me and asked me to please come to them and talk to them because I said, when I announced, ‘I’ll either run under the Libertarian banner or my own’”, McAfee said, adding for good measure that there was no way he was going to end up President.

McAfee also threw in that the key success of his last run was to put cybersecurity on the agenda.

As for where his new campaign goes next? “I’m still extricating myself from Team McAfee. And when that happens, I will decide what to do next”.

The full interview – and it’s well worth a read – can be found here.