John McAfee predicting huge surge in cryptocurrency prices

In spite of falling cryptocurrency prices, John McAfee, for one, is convinced there’s a boost in the near future…

After another day where cryptocurrency prices took a hammering (with Bitcoin falling below $8000), John McAfee has sided with the people predicting another rally is just around the corner.

As per Tweets from his Twitter account on Monday, McAfee – who made his money originally, of course, through security software – argued that changes are afoot in the cryptocurrency sector. Ones that’ll have a positive impact on prices.

As many have pointed out, McAfee has been wide of the mark with his predictions in the past. But he’s insistent here that his views are not based on opinion…

Further down the same Twitter chain, he bullishly defended his view, at one stage calling a poster “an idiot” for selling their cryptocurrency already.

McAfee, of course, has been a far more contentious figure in recent years, and the subject of a documentary – Gringo – that’s available on Netflix, that covers his recent legal issues and arrests.

His Twitter feed can be found here.