John McAfee reckons Bitcoin Cash ABC will win the crypto civil war

“I’d just like to see capitulation sooner than later”, wrote John McAfee of the Bitcoin Cash civil war…

November’s cryptocurrency civil war has seen the price of currencies across the board tumble. The heart of the battle has been the Bitcoin Cash fork that took place the week before last. This, in turn, has led to a battle between two different variant forks, Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision. We’ve written plenty about this battle over the past ten days or so. Here’s a primer on what’s been happening.

At the end of last week, there appeared to be some form of truce, with Bitcoin Cash ABC winning the right to use its existing name. But then this week, the price of Bitcoin Cash SV suddenly rocketed out of nowhere – as the rest of the market faltered – which threw up a few more doubts.

One person watching from the sidelines is controversial cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee, who early in said civil war has argued that this is just another chapter in the crypto story. To basically not panic, and look forward to a brighter spring.

In the case of the Bitcoin Cash civil war, he’s taken to his Twitter feed again, this time citing an interview that had argued that Bitcoin Cash was winning the hash war. McAfee chipped in, endorsing this view. He wrote that “it will eventually”, adding that “obviously, I’d just like to see capitulation sooner than later”.

His Tweet can be found here, although the capitulation he was seeking may not be that straightforward. Certainly, if the price of Bitcoin Cash SV continues to rise – and it gatecrashed the top ten coins at one stage yesterday – then the battle may having a lot of life left in it. Time will tell.

Separately, McAfee has also taken aim at reporters who run stories based off his Tweets. Might, er, just end this story there…