John McAfee signs up to another role, and will help audit ICOs

CPollo signs up John McAfee, as it looks to bring more confidence to ICOs…

High profile cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee continues to keep himself busy. This week, his company has launched a new cryptocurrency market website, whilst two weeks ago, he accepted the role of CEO of LuxCore (whose LUXCoin currency jumped 26% in price off the back of the news).

Now, he’s added another role to his portfolio, with the announcement that he’s joined CPollo as a project advisor.

Cpollo is a project that describes itself as a “a Decentralized Fundraising and Human Resource Solution Platform where ICO developers will have to meet certain guidelines, undergo through a vetting process and meet their goals in order to get funding and keep our buyers safe”.

In short, it’s a service that’s looking to bring confidence back to ICOs, and help root out the horses to back, and the ones to avoid.

The project has also launched its own ICO, for CPLO tokens, which has hit its fundraising goal.

McAfee, naturally, took to Twitter to announce his new role and discuss why he took it. “CPollo lets investors do their homework on ICO’s, audit their token contracts (we provide pre-audited templates), track the ICO’s use of funds, freeze and retrieve some of their funds if there is a threat of being swindled by the ICO in question and much more”, he said, adding that it was “very cool”.

And as you can see, the CPollo team are quite pleased too…

The CPollo project page is here.