John McAfee’s 2020 US Presidential bid: don’t just not vote for me, don’t vote for anyone

John McAfee takes aim at a system where “only two people are allowed to win”…
Controversial cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee has been chatting again about his upcoming run for the US Presidency. McAfee previously tried to win the Libertarian Party nomination for the 2016 election, but lost out. This time around, he’s looking to stand under the name of the Cyber Party instead.

And, as we’ve reported several times, he has absolutely no intention of winning the election. In fact, he doesn’t want to at all. He just wants the platform, in order to bring cryptocurrency to the stage.

In a new post on his campaign manager’s – Rob Loggia – website, McAfee has now gone one stage further. He doesn’t just think you shouldn’t vote for him. He thinks you shouldn’t vote for anyone at all.

Taking aim at the entire system, McAfee argues that “thieves have stolen our system of voting. Two competing gangs, whose members have sworn allegiance to a nearly religious set of rigid ideologies, have forced us to choose between two candidates that have been pre-selected by the gangs’ members”.

He argues that in an US Presidential election, “there are only two people who are allowed to win”. And he wants to do something about that. He wants people to withhold their vote.

“By not voting you will not change the system. The system will not notice nor will it care. But it will change you. You will change from a willing participant in a system of corruption and madness into a potential player in a movement for real change”, McAfee writes.

He confirmed too that he’ll run under the slogan of ‘Don’t Vote For McAfee’, and that he has no interest at all in being President of the United States. But also, he poses the question: are there others out there that you might not want to vote for too?

The full post can be found here.