John McAfee’s US Presidential campaign launches 10 point way to get involved

Controversial cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee is running to be President of the United States. And his campaign is beginning to get moving…

As promised, John McAfee is showing signs of ramping up his US Presidential campaign in the coming year, as he gets set to challenge Donald Trump for the White House in 2020.

Well, sort of. If you’ve been following the story, you’ll already known that McAfee has no intention of winning high office, and nor is he seeking it. He absolutely doesn’t want to win this race. Rather, he wants the platform that a Presidential run will afford him, so that he can bring the issue of cryptocurrency to the national – and international – stage.

What’s clear is that McAfee is going to be tackling his campaign in a slightly different way, and he certainly won’t be pouring billions into it.

Rob Loggia is McAfee’s campaign manager, and on his website, he’s come up with a ten point plan for people to get involved in the campaign.

These are mainly practical. Only committing the time you can afford to give and deliver on. Joining online communities and using social media. Contacting high profile outlets and individuals. Saving up a bit of money. That sort of thing.

But the outline reveals too that McAfee is still hoping to secure the nomination of the third biggest party in American politics, the Libertarian Party. In recent months this hasn’t been clear cut, as it’s been hinted that McAfee may instead start his own Cyber Party. But McAfee’s campaign manager wants people to join the Libertarian Party and lobby for him to be its candidate.

Finally, there’s cryptocurrency. “We believe that cryptocurrency offers a unique historical opportunity to the individual – a chance to liberate one’s self, without violence, and to become more free”, Loggia writes. “Therefore, if you are out stumping for McAfee 2020, it helps if you are as informed as possible about these issues, and eager to discuss them with others”.

The full document can be read here.

In 2016, when he last ran, McAfee failed to secure the Libertarian nomination. This time? We wait and see. But he’s starting early.