John McAfee’s US Presidential election slogan: “don’t vote for John McAfee”

Don’t vote for John McAfee. Says John McAfee.

For a man absolutely determined to lose in his bid to run for the US Presidency in 2020, John McAfee is steadfastly happen to talk up his future defeat.

The story so far. McAfee first ran for the position back in 2016, when he failed to secure the Libertarian Party nomination for President. He’s long since announced his intention to run again in 2020, likely under the banner of his newly-created Cyber Party. And he’s said from day one that he’s running to lose.

But his run still has reasoning behind it. McAfee wants to get access to a national platform in order to bring the issue of cryptocurrency onto the election agenda. And that’s it. So much so that on his Twitter feed, he’s regularly reminding people that not only is he not going to win, he absolutely doesn’t want to.

In his latest round of Tweets on the matter, he stated that “I am running for Potus for the second time only so that I can access the national stage. No one in their right mind could possibly believe that I could ever be president. Peter Dinklage would have a greater chance of winning a UFC championship [sic]”.

He added, for good measure, a few days later that his intended election slogan will be “Don’t vote for John McAfee”. It’s an unusual slogan certainly, and you can’t see the incumbent candidate, Donald Trump, adopting any kind of variant of it.

Expect the race for the US Presidency to being to hot up once this week’s mid-term elections are out of the way…