KevCoin: exclusive report from the London premiere of new cryptocurrency movie comedy

KevCoin: The Movie premiered in London last night, with its own cryptocurrency too. We went along…

By Charlotte Harrison

At the Courthouse Hotel, Soho, London, on Wednesday the 27th of June 2018, a new comedy figure was launched onto the big screen at his film premiere. Billed as being ‘the world’s first cryptocurrency comedy’ it takes the unique twist of being launched in collaboration alongside the cryptocurrency is parodies in the film.

For each $5 download purchase of the movie, people will be given 5,000 ERC20 KevCoin tokens to keep in the nominated wallet of their choice. Alongside this, the merchandise section of the film’s website promises ‘free KevCoins and free movie with every purchase’.

But what exactly are KevCoins? They’re the brainchild of the man, the myth and the questionable ‘legend’ that is Kevin Powder (Jason Attar).

Kevin is a hybrid of Ali G meets Keith Lemon meets a character from Facejacker. A wheeler-deeler sort, the rock and roll ex roadie, has had a series of failed enterprises of creations and events that just haven’t taken off. Suddenly he had an epiphany – two of them in fact. The first is to cash in (semi-literally) on the current tide of cryptocurrency by creating his own; thus Kevin creates his own coin and calls it KevCoin. The second epiphany is to create a science fiction film involving the currency in an attempt establish their value. Surely this will be the perfect way to – finally- make his fortune!

Kevin’s self-appointed mission is to create a trillion dollar token by launching 25 billion KevCoins and release the world’s first crypto feature film. We get to follow this journey as a mockumentary, starting with the dual-epiphany after which he appoints himself a countdown of 35 days to make his sci-fi movie, The Day Peckham Stood Still. He decides to go to the streets of Peckham – with mixed success – and get local residents involved – again with mixed success – and pay them with KevCoin – yep, with mixed success. Clearly getting your own currency off the ground and using it to fund a movie isn’t going to be as easy as he thought…

Jason Attar is the writer-director and star of the picture, playing the neon green-clad Kevin with an immense level of enthusiasm. Peckham clearly didn’t know what had hit it when Kevin arrives, with Attar deadpanning and improvising a whole varying range of humorous situations. Kevin spends much of his 35 day deadline in his caravan planning things out (in the loosest possible sense of the term!) whilst navigating between the parking rules of Morrisons, Lidl and Peckham High Street. With little film-making experience to call his own he recruits not one, but two directors – not that he tells them that. He goes talent-scouting along the High Street and meets some local heroes who will add a touch of charisma to proceedings. He goes pillaging around the various rubbish and recycling points to collect materials for props and set.

He is a man determined to make it work, when everything seems dead set on otherwise. The film seems to capture that sense of determination and ingenuity. The film screened to an audience made up of friends and family who laughed their way through it. There was a real sense of community and support both on screen and off. They seemed to get a real kick out of Kevin’s scheming and negotiating when it inevitability went wrong.

Rome wasn’t build in a day and neither will KevCoin. Go to the film’s website to bare witness to this new wannabe icon and his new wannabe currency…