Leaving a tip, via cryptocurrency…

A new micropayment plug-in is coming, that allows users to leave behind tips for material they like on the internet…

by Manoj Sharma for CNR

Earlier this week, Ryan X Charles, the founder of yours.org, released a video previewing the production version of his Money Button project.

Currently, the project is in beta testing phase, but the idea is that it allows users to create their own payment wallet and receive Bitcoin Cash. The whole Money Button idea stems from Charles’ cryptocurrency social media platform, yours.org.

The website allows users to tip and leave ’likes’ or ’comments ’ on the content they feel valuable using on-chain Bitcoin Cash payments. The platform could be used by retail stores as a checkout option next to existing card services, and by news sites prompting users to pay cryptocurrencies to subscribe or read. The site’s payment channel network is similar to the Lighting Network for sending micropayments and is built looking at the rising fees and transaction backlogs.

Charles explained his ideas in an article published in early summer. “Ads don’t work well for most publishers and they are irritating to end users. Subscriptions are an improvement in some cases, but subscriptions require that users make a long-term commitment to a publication which is not always desirable for the user. Now that we have blockchain technology, we should revisit the idea of using micropayments on the internet”.

Charles released a video on YouTube in the last week (you can find that here), showcasing the production-ready version of Money Button and announced it will be available in the coming weeks.  More, as always, as we hear it.

Image: BigStock