Less than half of Brits want BoE-backed cryptocurrency

Less than half of British people would invest in a Bank of England-backed cryptocurrency, despite regulation likely to be brought in by the government.

New research from polling company D-cyfor shows that, while a third of people said that new rules and regulations around cryptocurrency would encourge them to invest, 56 per cent still said that it wouldn’t be enough change their minds.

And there’s more bad news for the Bank of England, as 60 per cent of people said that they wouldn’t support a BoE-backed cryptocurrency. Millennials were slightly more optimistic, with just over half supporting the idea.

Another interesting but unsurprising statistic is that 93 per cent of those polled had heard of Bitcoin, which is a 13 per cent rise from November 2017. This is certainly a nice side-effect of the sharp rise and subsequent volatility of value since the end of last year.