LG planning new ‘strategic brand’ involving blockchain, AI, IoT and more

LG subsidiary LG CNS has announced plans to broaden seven key enterprise offerings including blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT).

The move involves a new “strategic brand” for these emerging technologies, also including smart cities, robot service and smart energy, or order to cement LG’s place in the “fourth industrial revolution”, as it describes it.

The official press release (loosely translated) reads: “Strategic brand is a platform with a high future growth and technological differentiation, LG CNS will focus on it and lead the future IT technology market.

“LG CNS’s strategic branding means that it will lead the platform and solution-based business model as well as enabling efficient digital transformation of customer business by providing the core technology of the fourth industrial revolution as a platform that customers can trust and choose is included.”

LG is not the first company to include blockchain in its future plans, with Nokia announcing earlier this year that it would also launch a new set of services that includes IoT and blockchain.

Of the plan, Nokia said: “Cities need to become digital in order to efficiently deliver services to their habitats. Smart infrastructure, which is shared, secure and scalable, is needed to ensure urban assets and data are efficiently used.

“Based on blockchain the distributed ledget technology tat is taking finance, healthcare, and a range of other industries by storm, our platform allows you to easily integrate third parties into your data market – expanding your customer base and service offerings. And as every transaction is verified against other peers in the blockchain network, you can be sure that your platform is secure.”