LinkedIn co-founder joins blockchain company

Monarch adds Eric Ly to its advisory board, as it presses ahead with its ambitious cryptocurrency and blockchain plans…

The Monarch Blockchain Corporation has announced that it’s made a fresh addition to its advisory board.

It’s added to its ranks Eric Ly, best known for co-founding the professional social network service LinkedIn. He continues to serve as LinkedIn’s CTO, and also is the co-founder of ICOHub, an idea that’s trying to clamp down on scams in the ICO space.

The official announcement release gave the usual expected upbeat statements. Ly is quoted as saying that “Monarch’s solution to facilitating crypto payments for merchants is the kind of mainstream business need that will be critical to making blockchain more relevant. We look forward to collaborating with Monarch to deliver greater trust between merchants and consumers and support mass adoption”.

For Monarch’s part, its president, Robert Beadles, noted that “we’re beyond honoured to have Eric Ly on the team, he has created a unicorn from a whiteboard, not many people have. He brings enormous energy and experience to the Monarch team that will only help us reach our goal of crypto mainstream adoption that much sooner”.

Monarch claims to offer the ‘ultimate crypto payment solution for both business and consumers’, with its own tokens already offered (Monarch already has a cold wallet app in place too, and plans for a hot wallet before the end of the year). The appointment of Ly to its board certainly adds to its profile, and its plans into 2019 include a Monarch exchange and fiat support.

The plans for Monarch are outlined on its website, here.  Ly has assumed his position on the company’s advisory board immediately.