Martin Lewis sues Facebook over fake Bitcoin-related ads

Martin Lewis, the British consumer advice expert, is suing Facebook for its failure to take down false ads that include crypto-related ‘get rich quick’ schemes.

The ads are using Lewis’ face to lend credibility to scams, and Bitcoin has become one of the most popular subjects of these false links.

He wrote in a blog post: “Today I will issue High Court proceedings against Facebok, to try and stop all the disgusting repeated fake adverts from scammers it refuses to stop publishing with my picture, name and reputation.

“I’m not the only public face this has happened to. It’s time Facebook was made to take responsibility. It claims to be a platform not a publisher – yet this isn’t just a post on a webforum, it is being paid to publish, promulgate and promote what are often fraudulent enterprises.”

Facebook’s inaction isn’t unusual, but it does have a certain irony given the ban on crypto and ICO-related advertising introduced earlier in the year.