MasterCard drops ‘card’ from its logo, as new payment methods gather speed

MasterCard has rebranded, as it moves away from the idea of solely being seen as a ‘card’ firm…

As a further sign of changing times in the fiat world, MasterCard has today unveiled its brand new logo. A logo that’s deliberately dropped the company’s name from it.

MasterCard’s visual identity will now be the two interlocking circles motif that’s been part and parcel of its look long term. But the firm has been keen to position itself as a broader payments company, and not one solely reliant on traditional cards. In a shifting marketplace where digital payments and currencies are gaining traction, MasterCard is looking to be seen more broadly than it arguably is at the moment. Hence, the word ‘card’ had to go.

The unveiling of the new logo comes at a time when MasterCard has been investigating and pursuing blockchain technologies, having been awarded blockchain patents last year (more on that here). That said, whilst MasterCard has shown enthusiasm towards blockchain, don’t expect it to go head over heels for cryptocurrency anytime soon. Its president and CEO, Ajay Banga, has been heavily critical of crypto, dismissing digital currencies as “junk” last year. That came after rumours that the company was considering the idea of allowing people to via cryptocurrency using its cards, a rumour that came to nothing.

Still, MasterCard’s rebranding is something of a statement of intent, and certainly we expect to see more ventures into the blockchain marketplace, as the company looks to adapt to new technologies and payment methods. The new branding starts its rollout effective immediately, but expect to see the old logo around too for a long time yet.