Men make up 83% of Australia’s crypto investors

Diversity, particularly gender diversity, in crypto and blockchain has been a topic of discussion since the beginning, but that hasn’t stopped some pretty alarming statistics from emerging.

The latest is the news that a whopping 83 per cent of cryptocurrency investors in Australia are men, leaving a measley 17 per cent for everyone else.

The stats were revealed in a study from the Australian Digital Commerce Association and Accenture (ADCA) into seven of the country’s cryptocurrency trading exchanges over the course of a year.

“These results demonstrate that Australians are enthusiastically participating in the market for digital currencies,” said ADCA chief executive Nicholas Giuretto. “They show that it is more important than ever for the industry, regulators and banks to work together to further improve standards of security and consumer protection.”

It also came to light that 71 per cent of traders were younger than 40-years-old, and 40 per cent were in the 18-29 age bracket.

SBS News