27% of millennial men choosing Bitcoin over property investment

Millennial men are betting big on Bitcoin, with a new survey revealing that 27% of young males in the UK think of the virtual currency as a better investment than property.

The survey was conducted by real estate developer Get Living, who discovered that this particular demographic viewed cryptocurrency as having a higher potential for appreciating when compared with the more traditional real estate market.

The survey said: “The rollercoaster ride in value for Bitcoin has excited many millennials, with one in five seeing it as an appealing investment proposition compared with relatively slow-moving property values.

“For millennials the soaring performance of Bitcoin – following by an almost equally profound correction – holds more intrigue than the prospect of steady growth in house prices.”

House prices have been locking millennials out of the market over the last few years, so it’s in some ways no surprise that they are starting to look elsewhere. Also interesting is the fact that it’s men who are the main demographic here, mirroring other trends in the crypto space. Other recent surveys show that interest in cryptocurrency is on the rise among women, however.