More than half of millennials think Bitcoin is “positive financial innovation”

They say that the future of any new trend or technology depends on whether young people engage, and so the news that millennials are choosing Bitcoin over stocks should be music to the ears of the crypto community.

A recent study by Blockchain Capital discovered that 27 per cent of millennials would opt to invest $1,000 in Bitcoin over the same amount in traditional stocks. Furthermore, 22 per cent would do so over real estate, and 30 per cent over government bonds.

This result more than anything points to the way Bitcoin and cryptocurrency more generally has become well-known enough to garner this reaction from young people.

A little bonus – 27 per cent of respondents said that Bitcoin was more trustworthy than big banks, and a whopping 52 per cent say that the virtual currency is a positive financial innovation.

One thing’s clear, and that’s that the status quo is being challenged, and it may be the under-30s that lead the charge.