New blockchain paper launched by MP, calls for UK Chief Blockchain Officer

A new paper launched in London last night is called for the UK government to fully embrace blockchain technology…

Eddie Hughes, a Conservative Member of Parliament in the UK, has put together a promised new paper that’s calling for the government to take advantage of the promise of blockchain technologies.

Hughes, the MP for Walsall North, has authored the paper, that goes by the name of Unlocking Blockchain: Embracing New Technologies To Drive Efficiency And Empower The Citizen.

The key areas of the paper call for the state to use blockchain for social freedom, and to help rebuild trust in society. As such, the state shouldn’t be allowed to use blockchain technology to intrude into people’s lives, Hughes argues, rather that it should be used to help individuals engage with the state. In turn, bringing with it better control for individuals over their own data.

Hughes also calls for a blockchain departmental target for each government department, arguing that embracing blockchain and associated technologies can lead to a 1% efficiency saving, ultimately worth £8bn a year.

He also wants to see set up a national blockchain competition, to drive entrepreneurship and attract overseas expertise. He recommends too the appointment of a Chief Blockchain Officer from within the government, to coordinate its strategy for distributive ledger technology.

The full report has been published by FREER – a group looking to push free enterprise and social freedom – and it can be found here.

Image: BigStock