New dApp takes aim at the videogaming industry, and wants to change it

Can videogaming and dApps help each other out?

by Manoj Sharma for CNR

Community participation can help a lot in the evolution of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In this era, when dApps are often considered the go-to solution, OmiseGo has also jumped on the bandwagon, with its first dApp running live on the Plasma testnet.

Major cryptocurrency ecosystems are competing for traction, including TRON, EOS, Ethereum and NEO that have their own dApps or distributed applications. A new name could be added to the list now, as OmiseGo has just joined the race with its first blockchain-based decentralised app that goes by the name of Plasma Dog.

Plasma Dog is looking to do two things. Firstly, to raise awareness. It’s looking to attract people to the game, and capture the interest of enthusiasts. Gamification is an important step towards the mainstream adoption of dApps. Secondly, Plasma Dog boasts a critical scaling layer as well.

A lot of customers oppose the way some game publishers approach the industry. Non-transparent and strict management of in-game assets has become a point of debate for many. The introduction of loot boxes and micro-transactions doesn’t seem to be helping the case either, leading many gamers to feel that they’re being fleeced for every penny.

The $100 billion industry needs an effective solution to these problems. OmiseGo reckons it can play a crucial role for the gaming industry as it offers transparency on its platform.

Gaining the traction of the public will be a key challenge for OmiseGo. Games, after all, tend to spark an initial wave of interest, but the majority lose that fairly quickly.

Plasma Dog is in the early stages of development and will need to add new features to keep the interest of players. Hopefully, this will spark meaningful debate regarding OmiseGO and its technology. And also throw a good game into the bargain as well…