New rumour suggests Samsung is working on a cryptocurrency phone

Could the Galaxy S10 have cryptocurrency functionality?

Here’s an interesting one. Samsung is, as is well known, one of the biggest and most prominent smartphone manufacturers in the world. And rumours are now afoot that it’s getting into the cryptocurrency game.

Over at SamMobile, the site has uncovered the news that Samsung is reportedly working on a cold wallet application for cryptocurrencies. This comes after news of trademark applications the company had filed, for blockchain and cryptocurrency software.

It’s believed that the Samsung wallet will feature both a cold wallet (for holding cryptocurrency, saving keys, and signing keys for transactions, as well as a wallet for transfers. No name has thus far been given to the software in question, but there’s now been a suggestion or two that Samsung will be making it available for its in-development Galaxy S10 range (which will be the flagship of its range).

This news lands just a day or two after HTC’s much-hyped blockchain phone, the Exodus 1, has started to finally make its way to end users. The Exodus 1 also features crypto and blockchain functions, although supply of the unit appears to be quite sparse at the moment.

In terms of Samsung, as you might expect, no official announcement has thus far been forthcoming over the rumours, and nor do we expect there to be one anytime soon. But those trademark applications do suggest that there’s fire to go with this particular smoke, and as we get more details, we’ll pass them your way.

Image: BigStock